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Hawaiian BBQ

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Mahalo to the south pacific for sharing your sweet and tangy flavors with us.  Come, kick back, enjoy the sun and BBQ at our luau.  We're sure you'll savor every bite!  So relax...the flavor is on us.

Savannah Sweet Onion

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Meet our cousin from the south, sweet Savannah. We teamed up with her to bring you savory layers to tantalize your taste buds. It's a onion flavor so sweet... you just might tear up!

Naked Sea Salt

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Open this bag to feel the sea breeze, and listen to the sound of waves crashing in the background.  Crisp.  Fresh.  Just like us.  As uncomplicated as a smile and flip flops.  Simply natural.

Seaside Salt'n Vinegar

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Ahoy, me hearties!  Take it from this old seadog, these are the best chips - crispy with just the right sour, salty taste.  Worth all the doubloons in me chest, any scallywag who tries to steal'em will walk the plank.

Plain Jaynes Sweet Potato

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We're a couple of sweeties who love to be in the spotlight, but we're not just another pretty orange face.  Loaded with beta-carotene and lots of vitamin A, we're good for you too.

Sgt. Pepper & Capt. Sea Salt

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What a perfect harmony of flavors. It's this classic blend of spicy, cracked pepper mixed with sea salt that brings out the best in our chips. Open a bag and make some new friends.
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